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We live in an age of modernity that demands all of our time and attention.  Our physical and mental health are subordinate to the obligations of our work, made clear by the hypnotic and controlling “exploding cell phone” warning of yet another emergency.  We spend less time with our partners and children, and see less of our friends and neighbors.  But what if you could combine family, health, and fun in one great activity?  What if you could reclaim your life one hour, or two, at a time?  The big secret is that we did… and we know it’s possible.  At Wesley Chapel Stand-Up Paddle we’ve proven that Life is better when you paddle! 
















We are primarily a mobile SUP rental company, offering a safe experience on a variety of board types, perfect for any height, weight, and proficiency level. Our inventory includes the latest innovation in board technology, apt for flats, yoga, surf, and racing. Whether you elect to ride a lake, river, or decide to take on The Bay, at Wesley Chapel Stand-Up Paddle we have the perfect board for you.  And have you heard of the ISLE Megalodon inflatable?  It’s a massive 15-footer capable of carrying up to 1050 pounds, which means you and 5 to 7 of your closest friends can paddle at the same time and still have room for the dog.  


Our company is uniquely positioned to rapidly expand to SUP instructions, echo tours, racing, board sales and other merchandising.  But first and foremost, we are committed to introducing you to our local waterways in a safe manner, ensuring your experience is both recreational and educational.  Our business model is simple; if you are not having fun, or are spending too much money trying to have fun, then we’ve not earned your business.  Period…  No, period!


SUP Yoga combines the sport of Stand-Up Paddling and the practice of Yoga.  As it were, Yoga is the manifestation of a mental and spiritual discipline that transcends the physical, with a profound epistemology dating back thousands of years to ancient Indian religions.  For those less interested in the metaphysics, SUP Yoga offers an incredible workout that is sure to deliver results in just a few sessions.  Suddenly, you’ll find your slow and fast-twitch fibers fitly engaged, as your paraspinal muscles decompress, and your core sings the praises of a job well done.  So, the next time you decide to push beyond the ordinary, we hope you choose SUP Yoga by WCSUP.


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