It is not by mistake that you are on this site.  You’ve probably seen us around town, have ran across some advertising, or the word is spreading.  Regardless of how you found us, you are right on time to become part of our community of water enthusiasts.  We are committed to Fun, Sun, and SUP, and would like to encourage your curiosity and sense of adventure.  Join us today as we paddle some of Florida’s best beaches and inland waterways.  After all—Life is better when you paddle!


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Understanding SUP  


The elusive origins of stand up paddling dates back thousands of years to stories told of ancient African Warriors who used planks and hollowed canoes to fish, travel, and make war.  Ancient Peruvian fishermen also used similar crafts called “Caballitos de Totora” to maneuver incoming waves, propelled and stabilized by long wooden shafts.  Fast-forward to 18th century Polynesia, He’e nalu (native Hawaiian tongue for surf) culture cements our modern understanding of surfing, and serves as a launching platform for this new evolution known as Stand-Up Paddling.

Our Playground

If you’ve ever wondered why, as humans, we are so connected with the ocean, all you have to do is study its planetary characteristics to realize the power it has over us.  The world’s oceans comprise 71% of Earth’s surface and 90% of Earth’s biosphere, with an approximate volume of 1.35 billion cubic kilometers (320 million cubic miles), and an average depth of 3,700 meters (12,000 feet).  Naturally, as mere mortals, we are humbled by its existence, vastness, and ability to sustain life.

SUP Yoga

Join us in the water at Rick’s on the River, 2305 N Willow Ave., Tampa FL 33607